Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well most people think that when you go on can't eat good. Well I'm hear to prove you wrong. We are currently in Vegas and my husband and I have not had any problems. Really it's very simple. We've had steak and eggs for breakfast--hold the extras. We don't eat lunch because the breakfast was so big. So we have an early dinner.....If you eat at a buffet---so easy. Prime rib, sliced turkey, salad, veggies....need I say more. Tonight we had room service....HUGE cobb salads with diet coke. So good. We have been drinking lots of water and when we are at the pool--RUM AND DIET COKE. My husband has had some Tequila and diet coke. We did treat ourselves to some sugarfree ice cream. yummy! Other than that--no problems. VACATIONS ARE FOOL PROOF WITH THIS WOL--no excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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