Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well just to let you know my husband and I have never camped before. Well he has as a kid. As grown ups -so far has been pretty easy. We did have a few mishaps(parking in the the wrong lot# at the park-oops). Other than that-we are having a good time. Besides camping making you appreciate the little things in life...shower and running water in your own home, appreciate the food the earth gives you. Making living a low carb lifestyle so easy to maintaine......NO JUNK.

Friday we had dinner at the camp ground. I made pork chops with a seasoning mix of chili pwdr, salt, pepper, onion pwdr, oregeno and ground mustard. For a side we had my yummy coleslaw. Saturday night we will have flank steak with a similar seasoning rub on the grill. I'm also going to chop up some red and yellow peppers along with an onion and grill it in a foil packet with some butter and seasoning. Oh yeah-and add a little shredded cheese at the end to keep it all happy! Sunday we have to pack up but we will have eggs and bacon in the morning with some good ole' coffee. Saturday we worked all day at our business so we at there and not at the campground.
I can't wait to get back there and breathe the FRESH air!

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