Sunday, February 10, 2013


So I like to experiment with "adult" drinks from time to time. One of these days I will have a cocktail party and try some of my low carb drinks. But until then...I just am taste testing tthem myself and sometimes my husband gets a drink or two. Awhile back I was determined to find TOM COLLINS drink glasses...I'm somewhat old fashioned and love to recreate and play with old recipes and drinks from the 40's-60's. LOVE IT! I swear I should have been raised back then. Anyway, so I collect old cookbooks and old cocktail books. Love them!!!! Well, I finally found the Tom Collins glasses at TJ Max. I was so then I had to make the drink..right? YES! So here we are. They are very good, refreshing and crisp. Little did I know that my husband use to order them years ago before I met him...which put a smile on my face. I've had a couple tonight...hopefully you can't tell in my writing. lol

2 oz Gin
1 oz or a really good squeeze of fresh lemon juice
1 tsp of Splenda
4 oz of club soda-or you can replace it with diet Ginger Ale

So, in a Tom Collins glass (tall and skinny) pour the Gin in. Then add the lemon juice, Splenda and ice until it reaches the top. Then add the Club Soda. Mix well with a stir.

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